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Our team

Igor  Ashmanov

Igor Ashmanov

The company’s managing partner. One of the most well-known managers in Runet, a specialist in the field of artificial intelligence, the development of computer-assisted software engineering, and project management.

Aleksey Ivanov

Aleksey Ivanov

Company partner. A well-known specialist in the field of production management of computer-assisted software engineering. Currently working on developing the Semantic Mirror technology as well as a number of others.

Aleksey  Tutubalin

Aleksey Tutubalin

Company partner. One of Russia’s top specialists on internet technologies, the development of complex sites, high loads, and large volumes of data. At Ashmanov and Partners he works on search engine development.

Kirill  Zorsky

Kirill Zorky

Company partner. One of Russia’s top specialists on data management, combining the knowledge and skills of a manager, programmer, and linguist. At Ashmanov and Partners he is responsible for intelligent technologies.

Dmitry  Pashko

Dmitry Pashko

Company partner. One of Russia’s top experts on the development of technologically complex computer-assisted software engineering and management of IT projects. At Ashmanov and Partners he manages the development of web-services for optimizers (including SeoRate).

Mikhail Volovich

Mikhail Volovich

Chief linguist. A recognized linguistics expert, lexicographer, and specialist on intelligent technologies and site usability. At Ashmanov and Partners he is responsible for a number of projects in the area of linguistics.

Anna  Vlasova

Anna Vlasova

Manager of the linguistic laboratory. A specialist on implementation and development of applied linguistic technologies. At Ashmanov and Partners she works on preparing and supporting linguistic data for projects.

Alexander  Smirnov

Alexander Smirnov

Business development director. Responsible for business development and building relationships with clients, manages the growth in sales of services and technologies.

Konstantin  Shurygin

Konstantin Shurygin

Director of special projects. Curates relationships with special clients, leads major projects for clients, and works on analysis of site promotion methods.

Aleksey  Nikolnikov

Aleksey Nikolnikov

Executive director. Brings over 10 years of multidimensional work experience in the IT/Telecom sector. At Ashmanov and Partners is responsible for financial planning and administrative management.

Galina  Abasova

Galina Abasova

Director of the internet marketing department. Responsible for strategic planning of the company’s activity, results control, construction and development of the department structure, and efficiency of work with clients.

Mikhail  Shumakov

Mikhail Shumakov

Director of the integrated marketing communications department. Responsible for the department’s efficiency, structure and development, and curator of key clients.

Ksenia  Ryzhkova

Ksenia Ryzhkova

Director of the marketing and PR department. Responsible for building relationships with the media, and strengthening and developing the company brands.

Konstantin Roshupkin

Konstantin Roshupkin

Executive secretary of the program committee. Works on organizing work with lecturers and programming seminars and conferences. One of the authors of the book “Optimization and website promotion in search engines.”