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Igor Ashmanov

Игорь АшмановPh.D., a renowned expert in the field of artificial intelligence, software development, project management. Managing Partner, "Ashmanov and partners." He graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University.

Igor Ashmanov engaged in information technology since 1983. He led the development of spelling checker in ORFO «Informatics», was co-owner and CEO of "MediaLingua" produces VOX dictionaries, executive director of Internet holding «Rambler». During this time he has released dozens of projects, including:

  • linguistic module ORFO (the program checks spelling and style thesaurus, hyphenation module) in the Russian version of Microsoft Office, which is used by millions of people across Russia;
  • electronic dictionaries "MultiLex", still remains the best tool for a professional interpreter in Russia;
  • a modern version of the search engine "Rambler" in 2001 and the majority of sites and services that work with us now, "Rambler".
  • spam filter "Spamtest" to protect tens of millions of users (now sold under the trademark "Spam Kaspersky").
  • news search engine "Novoteka" Aggregation and clustering news from hundreds of sources.
  • People searching for "Fleksum" - service for thematic search engines.

At present - General Director of "Ashmanov and partners," the chairman of the board of directors' Nanosemantika ".

Igor Ashmanov - participant International Union of internet activists "EZHE";, twice won the nomination "Man of the Year" competition in network ROTOR (в ROTOR 2004 и в ROTOR-2006), within the movement "EZHE" There is a gallery of prominent figures of the network, which is FRI Igor Ashmanov.