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The Semantic Mirror technology

The Semantic Mirror technology identifies the subject area of any webpage. Knowing the subject area makes it possible to show only subject-specific advertising on a site’s pages or news from the actual subject area. This technology is intended for large sites and engines of pay per click and banner advertising.

The Semantic Mirror technology processes the text on a page and identifies its subject area. The service analyzes words, semantic connections between them, and recognizes the most important terms. The subject areas are identified by a detailed, in-depth rubric of 2500 headings, with every heading having several dozens or even hundreds of terms ascribed to it.

The Semantic Mirror also works with short phrases and words, unmistakably identifying their subject area through special algorithms.


On this page you can watch the Semantic Mirror technology in action using any webpage as an example.

Conditions of use

The Semantic Mirror is available in two different modes:

  • Sign up for the service. In this mode, the Semantic Mirror works on our company’s servers and is accessed using a web browser.
  • Separate module. Semantic Mirror gets installed on customer's server and becomes an integral part of the infrastructure.

Payment is delivered for every thousand requests.

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