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The Search Engine technology

A site’s navigation is greatly simplified if users have access to a comfortable search engine, integrated into the online project’s design. A good search engine provides fast access to all of the information on the site and is necessary for large-scale, branched projects such as music and video archives, encyclopedias, and news outlets.

We make the search engine an integral part of your internet project. The Ashmanov and Partners search engine can be installed on any platform and is accompanied by full “turnkey” support, including a personal visit to the client. This makes it possible to minimize the resources spent on system service and support during its subsequent use.

The advantages of our search engine

  • Compatibility. Our search engine can be integrated with any internet project quickly and conveniently.
  • Productivity. The search engine performs a quick search of up to 200GB of text on a single server.
  • Manageability. The system owner has total control of the search base and determines which pages should be indexed by the search engine and how often re-indexing should take place.
  • Functionality. The search engine supports the main European languages, considers the distinctive qualities of the Russian language, and has an internal keyword syntax.
  • Reliability. Our search engine works with maximum stability and has been successfully tested by heavy loads.

Technical characteristics

  • Fast and comprehensive collection of information from sites. The ability to index documents that are presented in popular text formats (plain text, HTML, XML, PDF, and Microsoft Office formats).
  • Combines several types of search (full text search and attribute search), and has the ability to search using any combination of document descriptors.
  • The ability to pre-index without halting service.
  • Automatic duplicate recognition.. This module recognizes identical or very similar pages and documents, compares them, and presents them in one semantic unit in the search results, making the search more comfortable.
  • Automatic classification. This module makes it possible to automatically ascribe one or several rubrics to every page of the site using a pre-defined classifier, raising the speed and quality of the search. Automatic classification is especially useful for news outlets, helping consolidate several news on the same story or subject area into one rubric.

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