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The Hypersearch technology

Hypersearch is a technology for automatically placing informational reference links within the text of a webpage.

Hypersearch finds important word combinations in a page’s text (such as names of people, organizations, and geographic locations) and highlights them as hyperlinks. Encyclopedic reference links automatically appear in the text, providing reference material on the object.

In particular, Hypersearch is intended for online news outlets and subject-specific portals. Visitors readily click on the highlighted objects because they are not being offered annoying advertisements, but a useful reference. Hypersearch makes it possible to increase the number of page views by 15-20% by virtue of additional traffic entering through the links.

Notable characteristics

  • Hypersearch works in the following way: a click on the highlighted word combination launches a search of all articles on the site that mention it. The user is shown the search results for the object on the site.

  • Hypersearch works on our server: page indexation and object saving takes place on our end. On the partner’s site we only set up a small code in the body of the page. Therefore, setting up hypersearch takes just one hour or two at most.

  • The technology uses its own dictionary with a volume of 400 thousand units, but if necessary it is possible to install a user dictionary or prohibit the use of certain word combinations.

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