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The Geotargeting technology

Geotargeting technology identifies the geographic location of a site’s visitor by his IP address. This information can be used to show the user only the information that might interest him.

What makes it useful

Geotargeting helps achieve the following objectives:

  • Geographic targeting of advertising depending on the user’s location;
  • Distributing blocks of regional news on the site, such as weather forecasts for the user’s region;
  • Assigning a map location to the user using cartographic services;
  • Identifying the closest sales office to the client.

Currently our system can identify a user’s location within Russia and Ukraine with precision to the regional center, and in the rest of the world with precision to the level of country.

We maintain our own IP address database, which is continually updated, making it the most comprehensive database that is commercially available.


You can watch the Geotargeting technology in action at

Conditions of use

The technology can be used as a service by entering an IP address and receiving the geographic location of the user. Or you can place the geo-database on your server and process the data yourself. The database is updated on a monthly basis.

The subscriber’s fee is calculated based on the number of requests per month.

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