One of our services is researching audience.

“Ashmanov and Partners” is a Begun accredited agency

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Our technologies

We offer the following technologies for owners of online projects:

  • The Semantic Mirror identifies the topic of any webpage. This information can be used to show pay-per-click advertising or news on related topics.
  • The Search Engine makes it possible to conduct a search on a site. The search engine provides quick access to all of the information on the site and is necessary for large-scale, branched projects such as music and video archives, encyclopedias, and news outlets.
  • Geotargeting identifies the geographic location of a visitor to a site according to his IP address. This knowledge is used for showing the user only the information that might interest him.
  • Hypersearch finds important objects in a webpage’s text and highlights them as reference hyperlinks. Hypersearch makes it possible to raise page displays by 15-20% thanks to additional traffic arriving through the links.
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