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The SeoRate Service

SeoRate is a service for evaluating a site’s search engine visibility.

SeoRate collects and displays data about your site’s ranking in the most popular search engines according to hundreds of different search keywords, identifying the popularity of each keyword, and the site’s corresponding ranking in the search results.

Based on these parameters, SeoRate calculates a single indicator: the site’s “search engine visibility”.

Intended use

SeoRate achieves the following objectives:

  • Independent evaluation of your site’s promotion in the search engines;
  • Composition of a list of search keywords based on your site’s content;
  • Monitoring of the search engine rankings of your project (up to several hundred keywords);
  • Enumeration of Google PageRank, Yandex TIC, the number of indexed pages on the site and external links;
  • Analysis of the site’s traffic and an evaluation of the deferred effect of advertising campaigns to attract visitors to the site (in case of repeated logins by a visitor);
  • Identifying informational leaders in the sector and tracking the search engine positions of competing sites;
  • Composing clear, detailed reports on the current state of the search engine promotion campaign.

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