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The Novoteka Service

“Novoteka” is an easy-to-use service for monitoring news published online.

Novoteka automatically collects news from a range of Russian language news sites and groups the stories by topic.

Novoteka is useful for those who need to see the whole range of current events.


Novoteka is based on a complex linguistic algorithm that enables the service to analyze thousands of news stories and create digests — groups of news stories united by a common story. Novoteka allows its readers to get a quick idea of the main current events since the news stories displayed by Novoteka do not contain repeat stories, emotions, or political biases.

Novoteka gives its users the opportunity to maintain their own news archive on the topics that interest them. Novoteka collaborates with online news outlets, offering them an effective instrument for attracting traffic: the news exchange network.

Find our more on the Novoteka.ru website.

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