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Novoteka news exchange network

The Novoteka news exchange network is an effective instrument for generating more traffic to a website. Network participants exchange traffic by broadcasting news of other exchange participants on their sites, as well as by purchasing and selling traffic.

This is a service that is likely to interest site owners who wish to generate more traffic to their sites, as well as for webmasters who would like to receive money for their visitors’ clicks on the news of the exchange network.

Characteristics of the exchange network

  • Simplicity of the work: all you have to do is register in the system and set up an HTML code of the advertising block on your site.
  • Total control: over the news materials that are displayed and the amount of traffic entering your site from external sites.
  • Transparency of the statistics: you can always find out where the visitors to your site came from and how many of them there are.
  • Strict selection of participants, raising the network’s prestige and security.
  • Flexible targeting: you can choose residents of specific regions, a certain time of day, and specific sites for the news material to be displayed.
  • Timely technical support.

What it can do

You can work with the Novoteka news exchange network in three different ways.

  • Direct news exchange. A site owner gains an opportunity to broadcast blocks of his news on pages of other participants in return for showing the news of the exchange network on his pages.
  • Sale of traffic. A site owner receives money for users’ clicks on the news blocks shown on his site.
  • Purchase of traffic. A site owner pays for the traffic entering his site through external sites, thus attracting additional users. All you have to do is fill up your personal account balance, upload your advertising materials, and indicate the maximum amount of traffic to your site you wish to receive daily from external sites. The system does the rest on its own.

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