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The Maremoto Service

“Maremoto” is an automatic service for inexpensive site promotion in search engines with a guaranteed promotion to the first page of the search results. To promote a site you do not have to know what SEO is, how to increase PageRank, or why it is necessary to buy links. Maremoto knows all of that for you. All phases of the work are automated, which reduces the costs to a minimum.

The Maremoto service is useful for small business owners who have to achieve promotional objectives with a small budget while paying for the result, as well as for optimizers who want to save time and resources, without having to waste time on selecting pages for low frequency keywords.

Maremoto features

  • Maremoto automatically checks your site, selecting the most suitable keywords for the site’s promotion, and sends you suggestions for the most efficient promotion.
  • Maremoto robots, governed by artificial intelligence, work on promoting your site. Complex, self-learning algorithms at the foundation of Maremoto allow you to effectively promote your site by tactfully changing the promotional strategy depending on the site’s search engine rankings.
  • Maremoto’s intelligent robots track changes in search engines’ algorithms and adjust the promotional method to the new conditions.
  • Payment is performance based: you pay only for results.

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