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The Kribrum service

Kribrum is an online service for selecting, processing, and analyzing the textual content displayed on the Web. It makes it possible to qualitatively improve the level of audience and news media interest in the target object (a brand, person, product, service, or company), to assess the consumer’s emotional perception of the object and its qualities, to characterize the informational background and to assess it dynamically.

The service is unique in that Kribrum not only automates the selection of content, but also its evaluation, thereby minimizing the resources expended and reducing the time spent composing reports.

The service is intended for:

  • Specialists and managers who are responsible for their company’s image or who assess the efficiency of promotional campaigns, including comparisons with competitors’ products;
  • Specialists who analyze consumer reactions, including marketing, PR, and technical support managers, managers of client services, and directors of business development.

What it does:

  • It identifies the monitored objects, for example, a company’s product or service, a person, or an organization.
  • It conducts monitoring of social media, blogs, online news outlets, social networks, and topic-specific forums. The monitoring can be conducted with various regularity, depending on the campaign’s objective.
  • It analyzes the resulting information, including an assessment of the number of positive, negative, and neutral statements.
  • It performs an evaluation of the credibility of the sites where the discussion of the product or person takes place.
  • It singles out the characteristics of the content authors and discussion participants.
  • The collected and analyzed information is presented to the client in the form of clear reports which include tables, diagrams, and graphs. Answers can be received both online, directly in the browser, and in various formats such as Excel or PDF.

Advantages of the system:

  • High precision of concept detection. Automatic analysis of Russian and English language syntax.
  • The ability to identify the content’s influence level. The system assesses the credibility of the site or the content author.
  • Assessment of the tone of the statements. The system “understands” positive, negative, and neutral statements about the objects being monitored.
  • Assessment of the connection between words. The system “understands” the rules of sentence structure.

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