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Integrated Internet Marketing for projects of any complexity

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Services and programs for site promotion

We create services for effective internet promotion, including:

  • SeoRate tracks a site’s search engine rankings according to a list of keywords set by the user and makes it possible to assess site’s ranking dynamically.
  • Kribrum is an online service that collects, processes, and analyzes text content displayed on the Web. It is a critical tool for managing a company’s reputation.
  • Site-Auditor. This program takes a snapshot of a site’s ranking in the main search engines and makes it possible to view information about your site’s rankings with a single click.
  • AnalyzeThis is intended for both optimizers and those who need to control the process of a site’s optimization. The service gives a clear and obvious analysis of what is happening in the popular search engines.
  • Novoteka is a next generation media resource. Novoteka automatically collects news from many Russian news sites and groups them by subject.
  • Maremoto is an automatic service for inexpensive site promotion in search engine rankings. To promote a site you don’t need to know what SEO is, how to increase PageRank, or why it is necessary to buy reference links. Maremoto knows all of that for you. All phases are automated, thereby minimizing the project’s costs.
  • Flexum is a free service for creating proprietary searches, enabling any user to create his own search engine for a group of sites or other resources.
  • Novoteka news exchange network raises a site’s traffic. Network participants exchange traffic by broadcasting news of other exchange participants on their sites.
  • Direct/ADVERT is a service for attracting target traffic to your site by paying a fee for traffic entering from other sites.

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