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Viral marketing

What it is

Viral marketing is a technique for creating and distributing a mediavirus, such as an interesting video, a Flash application, or other appealing content. A mediavirus — along with the necessary advertising information — is quickly disseminated throughout the Web by users themselves.

What we do

When creating a mediavirus, we are guided by two principles:

  • The virus has to be attractive enough for users to want to send it to one another;
  • The virus has to achieve a clear marketing objective, set by the advertiser, such as increasing sales, strengthening the brand’s image, and so on.

We distribute the virus on a variety of entertainment sites, showing it to a wide audience and letting it disseminate further on its own. We scrupulously select the specific channels through which a mediavirus is disseminated, depending on the virus itself, the objectives it has to fulfill, and the target audience.

We track the dynamics of the virus’s dissemination and describe it in our periodic report.

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