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What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization helps to promote a site to the top search results using effective sales keywords.

The traffic arriving through search engines is high quality target audience for your site. Users who type a keyword into a search engine are already interested in the product, service, or information, and they express their intentions through keyword searches. When they enter a site through the search results, they receive an opportunity to immediately make the desired action: to buy a product or order a service.

Search engines display search results according to specific rules: the top results feature sites that maximally match the user’s search keywords according to the search algorithm. The search algorithm considers and evaluates all of a site’s characteristics, including content, structure, and technical aspects. Therefore, a site will achieve significantly higher rankings in the search results if it is adapted to the characteristics of the search algorithm.

Search engine optimization is conducted using a set of “core keywords” — a list of effective sales search keywords that potential clients will type into the search engine.

Characteristics of search engine optimization

  • Audience coverage: users who type a keyword into a search engine are already interested in the product, service, or information. When entering the necessary site through the search engine, they are already inclined to act — to buy a product or order a service.
  • Low cost of traffic: the cost of generating traffic is low compared to traditional advertising channels, such as television, radio, and press. Search engine optimization requires relatively low expenses, yet it brings a large amount of high-quality traffic to a site.
  • Timetables for achieving results: As a rule, it takes a few months for the results of a site’s search engine optimization to become completely visible. Search engines need a certain amount of time to consider all of the new changes to a site.

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