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What is internet marketing?

The term “internet marketing” includes all the different types of marketing that are intended to be distributed through the Web, as well as all forms of interaction with the internet audience.

Currently, distributing ads on the Web is one of the most effective types of marketing because it is able to achieve very wide coverage with relatively small marketing budgets.

A notable advantage of internet marketing is the opportunity to precisely pinpoint the target audience. This means that the advertising of your site or product will be seen by people who are already interested in purchasing it. For example, they have already searched for a certain product and are now in the process of thinking about buying it. An advertisement that is seen at the right time can significantly improves the chances that the person will make the purchase.

Distributing ads on the Web is most effective when it is part of a larger promotional strategy, aiming to promote a company or brand with the help of internet marketing tools.

The main types of internet marketing are:

Banner advertising

This is visual advertising that is displayed on websites that serve as advertising venues. Initially, banner advertising was similar to traditional offline advertising because its main tool was banners. However, now its capabilities are much greater. Besides classic banners, it includes videos and interactive banners as well. Banner advertising is most effective once a brand has formed a stable image. This type of advertising requires a sustained commitment and is most effective when shown as widely as possible.

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Pay-per-click advertising

This is a type of advertising where a person is shown ads that correspond to the subject or context of the site he is on, or the search keyword he typed. Using this type of advertising is profitable because the client pays only for the result, meaning for the visitors who entered his site through the ad.

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Our advantages

We have great experience with both banner advertising and pay per click advertising.

Our specialists can develop an integrated marketing campaign that takes into consideration all the distinctive qualities of a brand’s internet promotion strategy and uses a wide range of advertising and marketing solutions.

We collaborate with diverse advertising sites and networks, placing the customer’s ads in the precise venues that will bring him the maximum profit. We serve as the contractor on questions of banner advertising and are able to fully plan, create, and distribute ads for our customer’s site.

Ashmanov and Partners has been providing pay-per-click advertising services since 2005.

We are a certified agency of pay per click advertising in the Begun engine and in Yandex.Direct, which allows us to work by the rates of the actual engines and achieve the most efficient advertising for our clients. When working in the Begun and Yandex.Direct engines, we do not charge subscriber fees for running the client’s advertising campaign.

We carefully keep track of the advertising campaign’s progress and provide detailed reports for the client.

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