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What is pay-per-click advertising

Pay per click advertising is online advertising that is shown:

  • In a search engine depending on the user’s search keywords;
  • On website pages depending on their subject matter.

Pay per click advertising can be customized to be displayed at a specific time, to users living in a specific region, and so on.

Pay per click advertising draws in users who look for a specific product or service because it shows them things that actually interest them.

The characteristics of pay per click advertising

  • The key characteristic of pay per click advertising is precise targeting: pay per click advertising is shown only to the group of users that is specified by the advertiser.
  • Precise correlation between costs and results.You pay only for the users who clicked on an ad and entered your site through it. In pay per click advertising, the price for one click is calculated by the auction conditions: If you want to achieve a specific ranking for a specific keyword and are willing to pay for it, you will have to pay more than other advertisers who also aspire to achieve the same ranking.
  • Operational efficiency. Pay per click advertising starts being displayed immediately after the start of the campaign, and any of the campaign’s parameters can be changed at any time.
  • The cost per impression in pay per click advertising is higher than in search engine optimization, but pay per click advertising allows you to work with a much smaller budget and attain an effective result faster.

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