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Pay-per-click advertising: our advantages

Who we are

We are a certified pay per click advertising agency in the Yandex.Direct engine and an accredited agency of Begun. We work with search engines such as Google, Yandex, and Rambler, as well as many Internet portals.

We have been providing pay per click advertising since 2005 and have gained great experience working with the most diverse companies and sectors. We do not charge subscriber fees for planning and carrying out an advertising campaign and we work by the rates of the pay per click advertising engines — Yandex.Direct or Begun.

Our advantages

  • Automated keyword selection  — our unique technology finds effective sales keywords based on real keywords users type into search engines, both highly competitive ones and less so.
  • Creating sales texts for ads.
  • Automatic monitoring and change of auction rates  — our technologies enable us to automatically track changes in auction rates and adjust them so a pay per click ad will remain at visible rankings at a low price.
  • Automatic management of ad displays depending on which products are available in stock;
  • The opportunity to synchronize a pay per click campaign with the results of search engine optimization. When a site shows at the top search engine rankings according to a certain keyword, we can automatically turn off the pay per click advertising to save you money. When a site stops being shown at the top rankings, we can turn on the pay per click advertising to maintain the traffic flow at the same level.
  • Analysis of the advertising campaign’s results and constant adjustment of the promotion method;
  • We provide personalized recommendations on improving the site.

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