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Internet Marketing

Our company offers effective internet marketing tools for developing your business and promoting your brand:

  • Search Engine Optimization — This technique promotes a website to the top search results through effective sales keywords. Users who type a keyword into a search engine are already interested in a product, service, or information, and are expressing their intentions through keyword searches. When they enter a site through the search results, they receive an opportunity to instantly take the desired action: to buy a product or order a service. Search engine optimization generates high quality traffic to a site and is perfect for a small or medium sized business due to the cost-effective price per client. The site’s optimization is carried out through “core keywords” — a list of effective sales keywords that potential clients will type into the search engine.
  • Pay per click advertising — This is a form of internet advertising that appears in search engines and on website pages. Pay per click advertising differs from regular internet advertising in that it depends on the user’s keyword search or on the subject matter of the page on which it appears. The advantage of pay per click advertising is that it attracts target users to a site, meaning visitors who are interested in the product or service being advertised. Pay per click advertising allows you to draw a clear correlation between expenses and results: A client pays only for the users who clicked on the ad and entered the site through it. We place pay per click advertising in Google, Yandex and Rambler, as well as high-quality, subject-specific sites.
  • Banner Advertising — This technique uses visual ads on websites with an aim of forming a consistent association between a brand and a specific product or service. This increases awareness of the brand and the audience’s loyalty to it, as well as strengthening the company image. Banner advertising starts being effective only when it is used on a large scale because it requires constant and intense presence in an informational field. We offer our services in all stages of planning, creating, and distributing banner advertising, and we collaborate with many advertising networks — both major ones and smaller, highly specialized ones.
  • Social Media Marketing — This is promotional work in social networks and subject-specific communities, which includes opinion watch and participation in discussions. Social internet marketing increases the audience’s loyalty and helps to find the most effective solutions to the marketing challenges faced by a company.
  • Viral Marketing — This technique creates and distributes a mediavirus, such as an interesting video, a Flash application, or other attractive content. A mediavirus - along with the necessary advertising information - is quickly disseminated through the Web by the users, making it one of the most fast-acting means of internet marketing. We distribute a virus in many recreational internet sites, showing it to a wide audience and giving it an opportunity to keep disseminating independently. We carefully select the specific channels for a mediavirus’s dissemination depending on the virus, the objectives it needs to achieve, and the target audience.
  • Internet PR — This technique informs reputable online news outlets of your company’s activities. Publications on reputable news sites relate the main happenings at a company, demonstrating its openness and transparency, which works to raise clients’ loyalty and improve the company’s image. Publications on reputable news sites are often cited by others, which further raises awareness of the brand and strengthens the company’s Internet presence.
  • Integrated Internet Marketing —This service makes use of all the internet marketing techniques and applies them integrally, according to the general strategy of a business’s online development. The overall efficiency of integrated internet marketing is higher than the efficiency of the separate techniques used individually. This is called “the synergy effect,” related to the mutual interaction between various techniques. As your company’s general contractor, we carry out operations in many areas and coordinate the efforts of diverse specialists. Furthermore, the great flexibility of integrated internet marketing makes it possible for the focus of the promotion to shift from one technique to another at any time.

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