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Seminars “Site promotion on the Web: Theory and practice”

The audience

The seminars “Site promotion on the Web: Theory and practice” are designed for internet project managers, advertising directors, marketing experts, and webmasters.

Date and time of the seminars

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The seminars focus on practical questions of search engine promotion and illuminate topics such as the right approach to a site’s usability, the right way to conduct a pay per click advertising campaign, the problems involved in choosing a contractor on search engine optimization, planning an effective advertising campaign on the Web, and legal questions.

The seminars feature a very strong and diverse program. Throughout the seminar you will find out about how to:

  • Build a strategy for site promotion;
  • Choose the tools for search engine optimization;
  • Minimize risks;
  • Evaluate the results of optimization;
  • Plan an advertising campaign on the Web;
  • Turn your site into a business tool.

The seminar speakers include specialists from our company and guest experts.

The seminar attendees receive a collection of seminar materials and a certificate attesting to their participation in the event.

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