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Newsletter “Site Promotion: Professional advice from the experts”

The newsletter “Site promotion: Professional advice from the experts” has been around since 2003, has over 86,000 subscribers, and is in the top five most popular newsletters at

The newsletter features articles on search engine optimization, site promotion, pay per click advertising, expert interviews and commentaries, answers to subscribers’ questions, and references on interesting materials on the Web.

You can sign up to the newsletter by sending a message with Subscribe_Base in the headline to or through the service

The archive of all newsletter editions and detailed information can be found – at the site

Newsletter “Problems of search quality”

In 2009-2010 we aired another newsletter, “Problems of search quality,” intended for readers who are interested in social search technologies.

It is common knowledge that an experienced expert can form a SERP in response to any search keyword much better than any search engine. And people constantly try to influence the algorithms of ranking. Actually, this is exactly what the SEO community is working on.

How can computerized and human approaches be combined to receive the best search results from the users’ standpoint? This is what we discuss in this newsletter.

The newsletter archive can be found at the site