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The annual Optimization conference (Moscow, November 24-25)

Moscow: +7 (495) 269-06-30
St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 401-49-78

The conference on search engine optimization

The Audience

The conference “Search engine optimization and site promotion on the Web” is intended for those who use search engine optimization services, as well as those who work on site promotion independently. 70% of the conference participants are the chief managers of online advertising providers.

Time and place of the conference

The Optimization conference is traditionally held in mid-November in Moscow..


The conference is focused on three main areas: site promotion, management of pay-per-click advertising, and the development of search engines.

At the conference you will discover how to:

  • promote your business on the Web;
  • organize a site’s optimization and pay per click advertising campaign;
  • select the most profitable strategies for working with a contractor;
  • increase the conversion rate of visitors to sales;
  • evaluate the return on investment in internet marketing;
  • make your site a part of your business;
  • increase your market share with the help of search engine marketing.

Presentations for search engine promotion professionals are delivered separately.

Each day of the two-day conference ends with a round table. The first is devoted to examining the current situation in the industry and helps visitors understand the effectiveness of investments in different areas of internet marketing, how to optimize investments, and which promotional strategy to select. The second round table is devoted to the future of search engine marketing and makes it possible to evaluate the potential of investment and develop an optimal strategy for development.

Parallel to the conference, an Internet marketing exhibition is held, providing a cross section of the entire sector, helping achieve the most pressing objectives of advertising providers in the field of search engine promotion and related sectors. The exhibition is an excellent place to choose an advertising venue, a search engine optimizer, or an advertising agency.

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