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Book by Igor Ashmanov and Andrey Ivanov, “Optimization and Website Promotion in Search Engines”

Website Promotion in Search EnginesIn 2006 the book “Website Promotion in Search Engines” was published, edited by Igor Ashmanov and Andrey Ivanov. This was the first book published in Russia that comprehensively systematized knowledge in this field and able to serve as a textbook for a beginner as well as a reference guide for an experienced Internet marketing expert.

At the end of 2007 the second edition of the book was published, expanded and supplemented, under the title “Optimization and Website Promotion in Search Engines.” At the end of 2010 the third edition of the book was published, which included new chapters and updated information on search engines.

The book has been a bestseller for several years now in most Internet stores in the category of business literature, and it can be found in all major book stores in Russia.

In this book you will find answers to the most critical questions: What are search engines and how are they structured, how should you promote your site and increase the conversation rate, how can you have visitors come to your site and buy from you rather than all other providers?

The book provides a detailed description of the methods of sites’ search engine promotion, unconventional promotional methods, and gives concrete examples of site promotion in different subject areas (tourist sites, blogs, media).

The second edition of the book includes new chapters about how to raise a site’s efficiency as a sales tool, controversial and risky technologies of search engine promotion, techniques of raising conversions, and so on. The book also features many new illustrations and screenshots, and corrections of some typos and errors that were found in the previous edition.

The third edition of the book features updated numbers, facts, and references to useful supplementary materials. It includes new chapters, “Search engine recommendations for website owners”, “Referential, textual markets and self-promotion services”, and “About computer assisted instruction, search quality, and strategies of search optimization.” It also includes two addendums: “Promotion of regional sites” and “Google Analytics.”

Along with the book “Optimization and Website Promotion in Search Engines” the reader receives a CD containing additional materials: “Site-Auditor” — a program for analyzing a site’s search engine parameters, a complete archive of the newsletter “Site Promotion: Professional advice from the experts”, and “Problems of search quality”, as well as the book “Ashmanov’s Rules” about managing IT projects.

You can buy the book in many online bookstores, and you can view the detailed table of contents of the book at the site