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Search engine optimization

What it is

Search engine optimization (SEO) — promotes a site to the top search results through effective sales keywords.

Users who type a keyword into a search engine are already interested in a product, service, or information, and they express their intentions through keyword searches. When they enter a site through the search results, they receive an opportunity to instantly take the desired action: to buy a product or order a service.

Search engines display search results according to specific rules: the top results feature sites that match the user’s search keywords most, according to the search algorithm. Therefore, if the characteristics of the search algorithm are considered and the site is adjusted to them, it will achieve a significantly higher ranking in the search results.

A site’s optimization is conducted using a set of “core keywords” — a list of effective, sales search keywords that potential clients will type into the search engine.

The main difference between site optimization and traditional advertising techniques is the extensive audience coverage, the low cost of generating traffic, and the lasting duration of the results.

Our advantages

We have been providing search engine optimization since 2001.

The most important principle in all our interactions with clients is absolute transparency. We give consultations and detailed written reports, while making the key decisions together with the client.

Our objective is to use search engine optimization as a means to turn the client’s site into an effective business tool that can solve any marketing challenges he may face.

Our staff includes specialists with professional experience in developing search engines and with knowledge of many unconventional solutions that can critically aid in the optimization of the most diverse sites.

  • Transparency and clarity of our actions and business processes: when working with us, you will receive consultations on your site’s optimization and detailed written reports on all of our actions.
  • Maximum coverage of the potential target audience: a site’s search engine optimization is conducted using a large number of keywords (from hundreds to several thousand), with a special focus on the quality and cost of every visitor who arrives through the search engines.
  • The opportunity to objectively monitor the results of our work: we provide proprietary tools for you to conduct an independent evaluation of the results of the site’s search engine optimization, including the program “Site Auditor” and the Internet service SeoRate.
  • A stable result: because we conduct a site’s optimization using many keywords, a temporary drop in the search engine ranking of some of them cannot influence the overall traffic to your site and the sales.
  • Security of our work: We do not use “black hat” or “gray hat” optimization techniques which are prohibited by search engines, and we take great care of our site’s security and our image.
  • Sharing knowledge:We gladly share our experience and will teach you how to conduct search engine optimization for your site independently.
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What we do

A site’s search engine optimization consists of several stages:

  • Selecting sales keywords: we analyze the actual keywords entered by your potential clients into search engines and select the most efficient sales keywords based on Google, Yandex, and Rambler statistics to ensure maximum efficiency for your site’s optimization to generate high traffic of interested visitors.
  • Raising a site’s credibility: we place links to your site throughout the Web, composing the links’ texts based on the selected keywords. This increases your site’s credibility from the perspective of the search engines, making the site’s optimization more effective and giving it higher rankings in the search results.
  • Consultations on the site’s text: we analyze the text on your site from a standpoint of search engine optimization and scrutinize how compatible the site is with the search engines from a technical standpoint. Based on the results of the analysis, we compile suggestions for making changes to the site that will improve the efficiency of its promotion.
  • Analysis of the competitor’s actions: we research the sites of your competitors, examine their experience, and track their activity and ranking in the search engines. This enables us to create a strategy for your site’s search engine optimization that will beat the competition while minimizing expenses.
  • Analysis of the site’s traffic: We analyze the efficiency of the keywords through which your potential clients arrive to your site and concentrate the site’s optimization on the most useful keywords. This will increase the conversion rate of your visitors to sales.
  • Consultations on development: We analyze your site and provide clear, precise, and relevant suggestions for further developing it and for finding the most efficient optimization strategy.
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