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Consulting and analytics

We offer consulting services that will allow you to choose the right internet promotion strategy, study the efficiency of your site from the standpoint of internet marketing, and achieve your objectives:

  • Marketing analysis will show the ranking of your site, product, or service on the market, will provide an analysis of your competition, and will answer the question, “Who is your target audience?” The result is a detailed report with practical and strategic suggestions on developing, positioning, and promoting yourself online.
  • Search engine analysis checks whether your site is compatible with search engines and identifies any incongruencies that may exist between your site’s text or source code and the search engine algorithms, preventing the site from reaching the top rankings in the search results.
  • Usability analysis studies how comfortable the site is for the user. Our specialists assess the visual aspect of the site and whether the services offered on the site are operating properly, identifying any errors there may be which prevent visitors from becoming customers.
  • Developing a company’s internet presence strategy helps you form a single internet promotion strategy and become a leader in your sector, getting ahead of the competition. We provide answers to critical questions, such as: how can you avoid mistakes at the start of your online promotion; how should you set priorities for achieving your objectives; and how can you minimize the costs of an effective internet presence?
  • Audience research helps you understand what the project’s target audience is, how to speak to it, and how to pique its interest. Audience research is useful for planning search engine marketing, distributing banner advertising, and promoting your site in social media.

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