eTarget-2012 conference — presentation of reports on the site

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The annual Optimization conference (Moscow, November 24-25)

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During the Russian Internet Week, which will be held from 19 to 21 October in Moscow, “Ashmanov and partners” unit is holding a “Search engine optimization and promotion” mini-conference consisting of three sections:


Today we officially launched — the website of Kribrum, our online reputation management and monitoring tool.

The site offers comprehensive information about the system: Kribrum's advantages, key principles, a description of the technology in use, solutions for different industries, answers to frequently asked questions, and a blog by Kribrum's developers.


At the conference site Site 2011 is available for download presentation reports.

To download the presentation file, go to the program and click on the correct naming of the section:



One of the largest projects Runet was fourteen years old. For Internet companies that advanced age, and we are pleased to congratulate our colleagues from the fact that his birthday, they meet as a successful, dynamic company of international level.
We sincerely wish Yandex success in business, successful new projects and continuous improvement of search quality.
Team of "Ashmanov and Partners"



 Who prevents the creation of a good site? When the customer interfere, and when the work? The cost of a professionally designed website? These questions provoked a lively discussion on the first day of the conference. No less interesting cause and the associated problems. Site to create a little, it is necessary to maintain and promote.


Today, September 15, 2011 began its work conference "Site 2011" dedicated to the development sites. The number of students in the halls, which hosted the first reports clearly indicates the relevancy of the conference and the relevance of those statements.
Among the topics of greatest interest, may be called the growth of social networks and their impact on the development site and the development of mobile internet. These two trends, according to many experts, will significantly influence the creation and development sites.


Ladies and gentlemen!

On September 8, 2011 starts moving company "Ashmanov and partners" in the new office. New office address: Moscow, St. 2 nd Zvenigorodskaya, 13 structure 43. In connection with the move possible disruptions to telephone the office. On Monday, September 12 phones office will not work. We ask that you use to communicate with their employees working email address, or general office address:

New telephone numbers and an updated schedule of office hours we will give later.


The company "Ashmanov and partners," announces the beginning of the Conference Registration "Optimization-2011" which will be held from 17 November 2011 po18 the World Trade Center in Moscow.


Saint-Petersburg Internet Conference and Saint-Petersburg Internet forum.


Our experts will make presentations, participate in roundtables, conducted at the conference section.



March 9, 2011 opening of office "Ashmanov and partners" in St. Petersburg, and April 8 in the office, the first seminar on online advertising. It was attended by experts from the Moscow office. The seminar was attended by over 50 representatives of leading companies in St. Peterburga.Podobnye seminars whose purpose - to tell the specialists of the North-West of Russia on the most effective methods of online advertising and internet marketing will be scheduled on a regular basis. 



Published an analytical report, "The quality of search and retrieval systems in RuNet." The report describes the main events that influenced the work of search engines Runet in 2010 and first quarter of 2011, as general trends in search.

With the analyzer project ANALYZETHIS.RU examined in detail the various changes in the criteria of search engines, affecting the quality of search issue.


Video interview with Igor Ashmanov "Banks are selling online trust".


The company "Ashmanov and partners," announces the release of the project three new analyzers, the search engines that evaluate these aspects of quality of search in RuNet as the relevance of numbers in the search results, the speed of getting new pages to the search index and quality of family filter.


The official website of the conference participants began recording "eTarget-2011: Management of an audience and marketing on the Internet".


Was published the third edition of the bestseller "Optimization and website promotion in search engines," Igor Ashmanov and Andrey Ivanov.


In December 2010, released a festive 11th issue of "The Practice of Internet Marketing".


You can download the presentation files reports. Details - on site


This year will be the third time in Russian Internet Week, in which we organize the section and read the reports.


We went to the Ukrainian market and created a joint venture with "The Internet Invest".