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Announcement and the opening of registration for the conference The site- 2009.

At the conference eTarget-2009, which was held March 26-27, 2009 in Moscow, was announced the first conference of "Site-2009". Creation, development and support of Internet projects. "Site of the 2009 companies spend "Ashmanov & Partners" "1C-Bitrix", "Masterhost», NetCat, ROCIT, "Yandex".

Site of 2009 - a conference for those who want a new site, and for the studios that develop Web sites. At this conference, participants will learn how to manage a project to create a website and reduce costs, how to choose a contractor how to turn the site into a business tool.

Conference Website, 2009 will be held June 25-26, 2009 in Moscow in "Iris Congress Hotel."

На официальном сайте конференции already available to pre-release program. Also, there is open Registration for the listeners and possible speakers for the conference.

Have time to register by 30 April 2009 at a special price!