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Our reports from the RIF+KIB 2011 conference

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Our reports and a section on the Joint Conference of RIF + KIB 2009

21-24 April 2009 in Moscow Joint Conference will be held RIF + KIB. Traditionally, we are actively involved in shaping and offer a section with interesting speakers in an additional program.

The first day of the Joint Conference of April 21 - day of master classes. We present two speakers: Anton Shamanaev on "Evaluating the effectiveness of search engine promotion site" and Andrey Kuzmenkov on "Promotion of sites of different types."

In main program morning, April 24 Igor Ashmanov will lead to the section "Search engine optimization: targeted visitors for nothing?", Which will act as Constantine Shurygin, representative of "Rambler", experts in Internet marketing.

In a complementary program we offered two sections: on increasing the efficiency of search engine promotion "Provisions of search promotion: increase the efficiency of" nd on manipulation opinion on the web "Runet as a field of ideological struggle". You can vote for these sections of the page Software 2.0.