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The conference Optimization-2012 is over

The tenth annual conference on "search engine optimization and online promotion of websites" is over.

Optimization-2012 started with educational seminars on the day preceding the beginning of the conference, with more than a hundred participants. Experts gave intensive introductory classes about SEO, about website publications and about external links.

The first day of the conference started with presentations about the new trends in SEO and online marketing. Two new releases were presented during the event:

  • Mikhhail Volovich ("Ashmanov and partners") presented a preliminary version of the service updated with new analyzers of the quality of leading search engines,
  • Andrei Kalinin ( presented a beta version of an analytical instrument for webmasters -

It is already the second year that the representatives of search engines and their interaction with participants of the conference during different events are considered the most interesting and memorable part of the conference. At the end of the day, Aleksandr Sadovskij (Yandex), Rinat Safin (Google), and Andrei Kalinin ( sat down together for a round table. The search engines representatives answered the questions of the conference attendees.

At the end of the second day, there was another round table about the changes taking place on the SEO market. Experts mentioned the stabilization of reference budgets and the growth of non-automated work for the quality of the website.

Recordings of the panel discussion "What do you need - position, traffic, clicks or actions?" and of the round tables are already available on the page The different presentations have been posted on the page of the program.

Optimization-2012 was the first trade show to welcome children. A special area had been set up for children, with animators and nannies from the project Pomogatel'.ru providing entertainment for them.

The propositions and main points of the presentations, as well as the key events of the conference, can be found on twitter under the hashtag #ruseo2012 and in the official account's posts @OptimizationRU.