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SeoRate.ru and Tranio.Ru have prepared a visibility rating for websites on international real estate.

The first visibility rating for international real estate websites was published recently. Information was prepared by the analysts of Ashmanov and partners together with the experts from Tranio.Ru.

The new rating will help find out which websites are better for online advertizing with the maximum conversion of the target audience to buyers and tenants. According to the experts of Ashmanov and partners this rating will be published on a regular basis, which will allow the market participants to receive the latest information.

Tranio.ru portal started its operations in March 2011 and has become the number one portal in RuNet by the number of the foreign properties listed. Tranio.Ru  occupies 33rd place in the ranking of website visibility now, and the company plans to get into the top ten by the end of 2012.

SeoRate.ru service was created by Ashmanov and partners, a recognized leader in the Russian market in the field of integrated online marketing. Service provides more than 120 ratings on the most active topics as well as detailed reports on various website performance indicators.