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Online reputation management seminar for banking experts

On December 22 we did an online reputation management seminar for experts from banks and other financial institutions. The focus of the seminar was to explain specifics of pay-per-click advertising and the potential uses of search systems in the financial sector.

The seminar was held as part of the “Banking on the Internet. The new reality” program and was based on data from the quarterly report of the same name, prepared by experts from our company. During the reporting specialists told the audience about the main factors affecting the reputation of banks on the Internet, presented data on the most discussed banking services and the factors that determine what banks customers choose.

The seminar

The participants expressed great interest in the report on the possibilities of monitoring and managing online reputation. Kribrum specialists talked about how the automatic monitoring system works, how the gathered data can be used to adjust the marketing strategy of a bank, to work with clients and to develop new banking products.

“There's a lot of interest in our seminar: it has a lot of information that helps the banks in business development. It provides an understanding of how to use internet marketing to work with customers to create new products. “The New Reality” report contains a huge amount of unique information that allows the banking experts to understand and use the new information environment to its full potential. Our workshops highlight the most important information and allow the experts to get opinions and advices of experts in the field of internet marketing” — says Konstantin Shurygin, the workshop moderator and the director of special projects in Ashmanov and Partners.

Here is some additional information in Russian:

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