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The Optimization-2011 conference is over

The 10th annual “Search engine optimization and website promotion on Internet” conference is over.

This time the conference started with SEO workshops on Day Zero.

Main topic of the first day of the conference were: evolvement of the SEO and promotion market, relations between search engines and SEO professionals, recent changes in search engines algorithms.

But keynotes came only after presenting the prizes to professionals who have been visiting the conference year after year. They got tablet computers, and Sergey Korniliev who has been the conference attendee since day one got an HTC Titan.

The second day of the conference was more about daily work: communication between customers and SEO professionals, cases studies and more.

Summing up keynotes at the conference, one could say they all of them more or less covered either of the recent market's trends. Iliah Nikulin (Tekart) articulated some of them: “SEO should be part of an integrated Internet marketing strategy”. He also pointed out a growing if yet immature demand for social media marketing (SMM). “However,” he went on to notice, “for now companies should rather listen than talk in social networks — listen, monitor and analyze users preferences”.

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