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"Site 2011". The beginning.

Today, September 15, 2011 began its work conference "Site 2011" dedicated to the development sites. The number of students in the halls, which hosted the first reports clearly indicates the relevancy of the conference and the relevance of those statements.
Among the topics of greatest interest, may be called the growth of social networks and their impact on the development site and the development of mobile internet. These two trends, according to many experts, will significantly influence the creation and development sites.
Thus, according to TNS \ Yandex \ Liveinternet, daily audience of social networks in RuNet 20 million people, and people spend a month in social networks of about 10 hours.
All the more important factor is the mobile version of the site, the number of mobile Internet users according to FOM today is 21.2 million.
In the afternoon, participants expect further reports and other activities. Broadcast of the reports and activities can be seen online on the conference website.