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Our presentations at the St. Petersburg Internet Forum and the St. Petersburg Internet Conference 2011

In Pushkin was the sixth of St. Petersburg Internet Conference (SPIC-2011). The conference program lasted for two days May 16 and 17. Our experts have taken part with the reports (by reference to the reports, you can download the presentation):

Immediately after the SPIC-2011 launched another major St. Petersburg's conference - Saint-Petersburg Internet Forum (RIF SPB 2011) which was held May 18-19 in the conference hall of hotel "Baltic Park Inn". We also participated in the conference program with speakers:

Anyone unable to visit the stand of "Ashmanov and partners" - and on exhibition SPIC-2011, and exhibition SPb RIF 2011.

We remind you that for the convenience of residents of St. Petersburg and the North-West region was opened St. Petersburg office of the company "Ashmanov and partners": telephone - (812) 448-38-76, e - Saint-Petersburg, ul. Blohinа, 9, 304-A.