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The project released new search engine analyzers

The company "Ashmanov and partners," announces the release of the project three new analyzers, the search engines that evaluate these aspects of quality of search in RuNet as the relevance of numbers in the search results, the speed of getting new pages to the search index and quality of family filter.

For more than three years, from May 2007, the company "Ashmanov and Partners" is monitoring the quality of the major search engines Runet with analyzers that daily automatically collect information about various aspects of search quality. Now, these analyzers has twenty (plus the "integral" analyzer, which summarizes the evaluation and assesses the overall quality of the search). Since the beginning of 2011 "in battle" has already introduced three new analyzer.

The first of these - the relevance of the analyzer of telephone numbers. Given that Moscow is in full swing replacement code numbers 495 to 499 (and often changing, and the number itself), and a number of cities in Russia have changed the toll access code and that all phone numbers of organizations are updated frequently - new analyzer is highly relevant. With it you can find out how likely it is that in response to a question about the telephone number of the organization you will receive the latest information. As the new analyzer, for organizations that have recently changed phone numbers, the probability is (depending on the search engine) 1 / 2 to 2 / 3. That is, a third to half of the responses - obsolete.

The idea of ​​the analyzer prompted one reader, complaining that in the first place in the search engines crawls "collections" obsolete phones, <!-- em--> - tells the project manager Mikhail Volovich. — We thought that it's true - find the right phone can be difficult, and made ​​the analyzer. "Formula" of the analyzer was found immediately: specify the query by organizations that have recently changed your phone, consider the percentage of actual phones in the search results. Similar simple "formula" lie at the heart of most of the other analyzers. On this project and built: we find markers that can automatically control various aspects of search quality, and then each day collect and publish the assessment. True, the markers also becomes obsolete, and have to spend a lot of effort in to keep them up to date.

The second novelty - the analyzer indexing speed. According to the results of his work can be judged on how quickly search engines find new pages - so, how often they do indexing sites and how fresh the information issue. Markers in this analyzer - new pages of such sites, which are well known search engines and at the same time inform about updates through a standard "site map" - a file sitemap.xml. The marker is created immediately after the appearance of a new page and "live" 30 days, during which daily checks for pages in the indexes of search engines and their penetration in the search results.

Finally, the third analyzer, which was published on February 2, estimates the amount of content for "adults" in the search results when the family filter - that is, when the user right have a search engine, that such information does not wish to see. The new analyzer shows that some search engines only declare the presence of protecting users from unwanted information, while others such filter works very effectively.

The project of "Ashmanov and Partners" — only in RuNet regularly updated source of independent data on the quality of search engines. Launch of new analyzers and extension of existing functionality allows you to both specialists and general users regularly receive relevant and objective picture of the quality of search engines.