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Third edition of the book "Optimization and website promotion in search engines"

Was published the third edition of the bestseller "Optimization and website promotion in search engines," Igor Ashmanov and Andrey Ivanov.

On January 18, 2011 available for sale to the third edition of the book "Optimization and website promotion in search engines." The book is in the top-20 best-selling business books (according to the magazine "Kommersant Money") and is popular not only among specialists in search engine optimization, but for all who ask about the need to promote their online project.

Книга Оптимизация и продвижение сайтов в поисковых системах The book contains relevant and well structured information, which will not only receive theoretical information on how search engines work and how they rank sites, but also very practical answers to the questions:

  • how to get revenue from your site
  • how to enhance the site as a sales tool

and many other questions, do not lose their relevance to any company whose business is somehow connected to the Internet.

All material is recycled and much of the book is fully consistent with the existing situation in the market of Internet marketing and technology to search engines and search engine optimization.

Also in the third edition of a chapter, "Recommendations of search engines for site owners," "Reference, text exchanges and services avtoprodvizheniya", "The machine learning, search quality and search engine optimization strategy." Increase in the number of applications. Added two applications - the peculiarities of the regional search for "promotion of regional sites," and working with web analytics system "Google Analytics".

Igor Ashmanov so estimates third edition of the book: "The new edition is quite refined, about 30%. Updated old chapters, new chapters and appendixes, including non-standard and new forms of promotion, according to the latest automatic learning algorithms of search engines, according to the current interaction of search engines and webmasters to reference services and exchanges of automatic promotion of excellence in the analysis of site traffic and user behavior, to promote regional sites, etc. Naturally, updated all the links to helpful articles and resources.

At the same time, we have retained the basic positioning of the book: she tells about the basic principles and methods of search engine marketing, rather than on short-term methods (which can become tomorrow outdated because of changes in the algorithms of search engines and market promotion.) We believe that the need to sort through the basic concepts and principles, provide examples of their use, assessing the effectiveness of specific teaching techniques and technologies. This tutorial (and encyclopaedia) for sharpening in the subject area in the eyes of beginners and novice professionals, and no field manual for superprofi.

So do not look in the book where "burned the secret theme of" promoting Yandex after update last week. In the field of search engine marketing is changing every day, so that fresh "theme" our readers will be able to find and evaluate yourself by owning the knowledge gained from this book. So, I think the new edition will retain its relevance for several years, as it was with the previous two editions, circulation reached almost 100 000 copies."

In January 2011, the book will be available in retail outlets and online stores.