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Special issue of the journal "The Practice of Internet Marketing"

Dear readers, partners and clients! The company "Ashmanov and Partners" is pleased to announce that New Year's Eve celebration was published the 11th issue of the journal "The practice of Internet Marketing". This issue contains the best articles written for the magazine by leading market experts. It is encouraging that, despite the rapid development of industry, they have not lost their relevance, which confirms the high level of publications and authors.

Specially for this number of articles written comments recognized experts in various areas of Internet business, which makes the number even more useful and relevant. Materials holiday accommodation and commentaries will help our readers not only get a picture of the changes in internet marketing over the past two years, but to understand the trend, according to which it will develop in the near future.

Development and change are expected not only the market of Internet marketing, but also our magazine.

Already there have been changes in the wording. Editor in chief of "Internet Marketing Program" became Maxim Makarenkov who had previously worked in publications such as Enter,, "Business Journal Online" and "Results".

"I believe that" the practice of Internet Marketing "- a unique phenomenon. This is not just a playground for the expert presentations, but also a practical tool that allows any market participant to obtain reliable information about how and with what tools to get the most for your business the impact of the use of online technology marketing and advertising. in the coming year, the task will be to maintain editorial expert-level materials. and we hope to attract new authors to collaborate to expand the range of issues and more actively covering the most interesting events and activities in the field of Internet marketing. There are certain and plans for the development of the site ".

And also, the entire editorial staff of "The Practice of Internet Marketing" and founder of the magazine with a Happy New Year!

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