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Creation of "Ashmanov & Partners Ukraine"

August 18, 2010 the company "Ashmanov and Partners" (Moscow) and the investment group "Internet Invest" (Kiev) today announced a Joint Venture "Ashmanov & Partners Ukraine".

Ashmanov and partner Ukraine "Ashmanov and partners" provide media management technology and contextual advertising, search engine optimization techniques and brand promotion on the Internet, as well as provide training to staff the new company, giving them the experience and knowledge.

"Invest Online", for its part, will focus on attracting new clients and all operational activities. In addition, the "Internet Invest" will adapt some of the technologies to the conditions of the Ukrainian market of Internet marketing.

The company is planning "Ashmanov and partner Ukraine" - a conference "iPromo.com.ua Promoting your business on the web", to be held September 21 in Kiev.

"The Internet from different places is a little different, - said General Director of" Ashmanov and partners, "Igor Ashmanov. - I mean that with the development of mechanisms for geotargeting search engines and advertising networks sites' positions in the issuance of certain queries or, for example, the value of the target pay per click advertising are very different in Russia and Ukraine. Previously, we had to refuse customers from Ukraine, because Ukraine did not have the appropriate database and could not provide a quality service, which is usually associated with our company. Now, with the advent of Ukrainian partner, the situation changes, and Ukrainian web users will be able to get a really high level of service ".

For us as a company this alliance - especially access to the most advanced technologies available on the market - the president of the investment group "Internet Invest" Alexander Olshansky. - This will save us a few years time, and actually gives the opportunity to immediately be at the forefront of technological development. On the other hand, we always try to make a decision in favor of our clients, and they now have the most urgent need - to learn how to transform your online presence in the money. And it is the creation of tools for such a transformation will be engaged in our new joint venture company.