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The annual Optimization conference (Moscow, November 24-25)

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A seminar on online marketing, organized by the company "Ashmanov and partners Saint Petersburg", will take place on January, 25 in Saint Petersburg.

The seminar will be devoted to the following themes:


The end of 2012 reminded us of memorable events, controversial initiatives and breakthroughs of the Internet in Russia.

One of the milestones of the year was the project "List of prohibited websites", aimed at blocking foreign websites containing child pornography, instructions on how to kill oneself or on how to prepare narcotic drugs.

The website containing this list was launched on November 1, 2012. In the first two weeks after it was launched, more than 100 000 individuals visited the website.


The company "Ashmanov and partners" wishes you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The office will be open until 4pm on December, 27 for the New Year. We kindly ask you to send your requests to info@ashmanov.com.


This year's last seminar about online marketing will take place in Saint Petersburg on December 14th, and it will be organized by the company "Ashmanov and partners Saint Petersburg".

The seminar will be devoted to the following themes:

  • "Complexity — the price of success on the Internet" Sergei Polkovnichenko (regional development manager);
  • "Express audit of websites: usability"

Oleg Barantsev, Victor Shevtsov (key account manager).


The registration is now open for the conference eTarget-2013, which will take place on March 21-22, 2013 in Moscow, in the center Digital October.

The conference will be devoted to online marketing, advertisement and target audience on the Internet. eTarget-2013 will include 3 groups of presentations, round tables and panel discussions. The organizing committee has already started working on the program and on getting experts to take part in the conference.


The tenth annual conference on "search engine optimization and online promotion of websites" is over.

Optimization-2012 started with educational seminars on the day preceding the beginning of the conference, with more than a hundred participants. Experts gave intensive introductory classes about SEO, about website publications and about external links.

The first day of the conference started with presentations about the new trends in SEO and online marketing. Two new releases were presented during the event:


The company "Ashmanov and partners" is holding a mini-conference called "Search Engine Optimization" during the Russian Internet Week, taking place on October 17—19 in Moscow.

Our conference will have three sections:

  • "SEO: how we did it";
  • "SEO: today and tomorrow";
  • "SEO and online marketing".

The speakers will be Aleksandr Kozoriz, SEO manager, and Mikhail Shumakov, internal marketing communication manager. The lectures will be given by seasoned specialists in online marketing and search engine optimization.


The registration is open for the conference "Online branding and management of your reputation", taking place on October, 24th in Saint Petersburg in the congress centre "PetroCongress".

The event is organized by the newspaper the St Petersburg Times with support from the company "Ashmanov and partners". The main themes of the conference will be:


Registration for the Eleventh Annual Conference "Search engine optimization and website promotion in the Internet", 22-23 November 2012, hotel Radisson-SAS Slavyanskaya, Moscow is now open.

The conference is the largest platform for communication on the Russian market of Internet marketing and website optimization. It attracts thousands of participants every year.


The first visibility rating for international real estate websites was published recently. Information was prepared by the analysts of Ashmanov and partners together with the experts from Tranio.Ru.

The new rating will help find out which websites are better for online advertizing with the maximum conversion of the target audience to buyers and tenants. According to the experts of Ashmanov and partners this rating will be published on a regular basis, which will allow the market participants to receive the latest information.


On June 21-23, 2012 Igor Ashmanov attends the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. On June 22nd, he will speak at the business breakfast "Russian IT industry: challenges of the global market," which will be held in the fifth pavilion from 08:30 to 09:45.

SPIEF is one of the most significant events of the year that brings together the heads of major Russian and foreign companies, the heads of governments and political leaders. Participation in the forum is a great networking opportunity for the business.


You can now register as a participant of the “Site-2012. Creation, development and support of Internet projects” conference that will be held on September 27 and 28 in Moscow at the Digital October center.


Ashmanov and Partners will be actively participating in Saint-Petersburg Internet Conference 2012 as members of the program committee. All registered participants will have the unique opportunity to get practical advices from our experts regarding elimination of errors on the websites and increasing the conversion. For that we will be holding a dedicated section on May 28, from 15.30 to 17.00.


Russian Internet Forum 2012 will be held on April 18-20 in “Lesnye dali”. Ashmanov and Partners are involved in the program committee of the conference. We will hold two sections and give several talks.

During the conference we will hold a section called “Search engines traffic: conversion to clients”, where Konstantin Shurygin, our director of special projects, will give a talk. Within this section speakers will also talk about changes in the SERPs —this panel discussion will be led by Igor Ashmanov.


Ashmanov and Partners has just published its annual “Search quality and search systems in RuNet 2011” analytical report.

Highlights of the report:


On December 22 we did an online reputation management seminar for experts from banks and other financial institutions. The focus of the seminar was to explain specifics of pay-per-click advertising and the potential uses of search systems in the financial sector.


The 8th annual “eTarget. Online marketing practices” conference is taking place in Moscow on March 23-24, 2012. The event is organized by Ashmanov and Partners and co-organized by RAEC and Begun.


“Ashmanov and partners” and banki.ru continue publishing quarterly analytic “Banks on Internet. New reality” reports. The latest report sums up the information that provides a big picture, what banks are popular among Internet users, what financial services and instruments are in demand. Much attention is paid to banking products and services that are most popular among actual clients of banks.


The 10th annual “Search engine optimization and website promotion on Internet” conference is over.

This time the conference started with SEO workshops on Day Zero.

Main topic of the first day of the conference were: evolvement of the SEO and promotion market, relations between search engines and SEO professionals, recent changes in search engines algorithms.


We've just released a new analyzer in the Analyzethis.ru series of tools. The new one measures how much websites are loaded with advertisement. This helps understanding which search engines tend to recommend websites with less amount of irritating ads. For more details please visit analyzethis.ru.