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Konstantin Roshupkin

Константин РощупкинHe graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics Saratov State University and the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing of the Russian State Trade and Economic University.

Since 2004 began to develop the theme of writing text for websites, created the first in RuNet resource of SEO-copywriting. Author of several articles on the Internet search and development of search technology. The author of one of the most popular blogs on search engine optimization and search the web БЛОГика.

In company «Ashmanov and partners» involved in the organization of work with the speakers on seminars и conferences, including the speaker of the company. Is executive secretary of the Program Committee Conference on the search progress, Conference on Internet advertising, Conference on building sites, one of the authors of the book «Optimization and site promotion in search engines».

Konstantin Roshupkin - member International Telecommunication Union internet figures «EZHE», within the movement «EZHE» there is a gallery of prominent figures of the network, which is FRI Konstantina Roshupkina.