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Anna Vlasova

Anna VlasovaShe graduated from the Philological faculty of Moscow State University, graduate, Ph.D. in Philology. Specializes in the implementation and development of applied linguistic technologies, automation of natural language.

In 1996-1999 worked as a linguist Anna Vlasova in “MediaLingua”, where she was responsible for these electronic dictionaries and Russian five European languages ​​(English, German, French, Spanish, Italian), and also participated in the development of native morphologies for these languages.

In 1999-2002, Anna worked in the “Rambler” in the position of a leading linguist, participated in the preparation and production of content projects.

At the same time, Anna was at first a senior lecturer and then Associate Professor of Applied Semantics APL Moscow State Linguistic universitety. Teresa Morris from 1995 to 2003. In the Moscow State Linguistic University, Anna has prepared and conducted several “Recent information technology” courses and "Automatic Text Processing".

In 2003-2005, Anna — employee of Ashmanov and Partners, worked in the Spamtest project.

From 2005 to 2007 — Head of a linguistic laboratory "Kaspersky Lab", where together with his team provides continuous data preparation for the software module "Kaspersky Anti-spam", and participated in the development of anti-spam technology.

At the present time — the head of a linguistic laboratory "Ashmanov and Partners' Director of Linguistic Development in" Nanosemantika ".