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Kirill Zorky

p>Kirill ZorkyOne of the best Russian experts in software development, combining the knowledge and skills of the manager, programmer and linguist. In "Ashmanov and Partners" is responsible for the technology of artificial intelligence. He graduated from the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University, Department of Applied Linguistics.

In 1996-1999, Kirill Zorky worked as head of the department of linguistics at the "MediaLingua" VOX dictionaries produced. Supervised the preparation of data for electronic dictionaries, developed a computer-morphology of several languages.

In the 1999-2001 year Kirill worked as Head of the Department of content projects in the "Rambler", during which time he has released dozens of content projects "Rambler".

Since 2001, Kirill Zorky — Officer and co-owner of Ashmanov and Partners

In 2001—2005 — head of the Spamtest project. In 2005—2007 years — head of department in the anti-spam "Kaspersky Lab" project manager "Kaspersky Anti-Spam".

At present — Head of Artificial Intelligence "Ashmanov and partners," technical director "Nanosemantika".