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Dmitry Pashko

Дмитрий ПашкоPh.D. in Mathematical Sciences, one of the best experts in Russia to develop a technically sophisticated software, technical audit, management, IT-projects. He graduated from the Moscow State University, faculty of physic.

In 1996-1999 Dmitry - employee "MediaLingua", participated in the development of most of the projects' MediaLingua ": electronic dictionaries, search engines, server applications, Internet projects, etc..

In 2000-2001 Dmitry Pasko worked in the Internet holding "Rambler" - first chief of the Operations Department and later as technical director. During this time, under his guidance has been developed, tested, and published more than 30 projects. In particular, in 2000, Dmitry led the project unique online gaming, "What? Where? When "in which teams of experts were competing with a" universal mind ".

Since 2001, the employee and the owner of "Ashmanov and partners," head of web development company. In 2001-2005 - member of the project "Spamtest".

Currently manages projects SeoRate и Site-Auditor.