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Moscow: +7 (495) 269-06-30
St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 401-49-78

Aleksey Tutubalin

Алексей ТутубалинOne of the best Russian experts in Internet technology, developing complex websites and online services, high stress, large amounts of data. He graduated from the of Moscow State University of Geology.

The most famous Alex brought their own projects Russian Internet Survey and web server «Russian Apache», running on more than half of all own site. Now Alex Tutubalin continues its research activities under the project «Черный Квадрат», where he analyzes the development of the Russian segment of Internet.

In 1999-2001, Alex - Project Manager Rambler's Top100 in internet-holding "Rambler".

Since 2001 - Officer and co-owner "Ashmanov and Partners".

In 2001-2005. - one of the authors of the spam filter "Spamtest".

In 2004-2006 - chief technology officer "Search Technology" by the news search engine "Novoteka" and news exchange network.

At the present time - led the development of search engine.

Alex Tutubalin - participant International Union of internet activists "EZHE", three times won the nomination "Researcher of the Year": a network of competition РОТОР 2006, in competition РОТОР++ 2007 and in competition РОТОР 2008, within the movement "EZHE" There is a gallery of prominent figures of the network, which is FRI Alexey Tutubalin.