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“Ashmanov and Partners” company history

The company “Ashmanov and Partners” was founded in 2001 by Igor Ashmanov, who at the time had just left the position of executive director of the Rambler portal. He was joined by several former developers and managers of Rambler projects: Aleksey Ivanov, Aleksey Tutubalin, Kirill Zorskiy, Dmitriy Pashko, and Mikhail Volovich.

Immediately after the company was launched, it began providing consulting services in the field of information technology and internet, as well as working on the development of intelligent programs.

Site promotion and internet marketing

In the fall of 2001 the company launched its service of search engine optimization for websites. Because of the high demand for this then-innovative area of search engine optimization, the company decided to actively develop these services and invited the Kazan specialist Andrey Ivanov. Together with Igor Ashmanov, the duo formulated the main principles and concepts of search engine optimization, compiled a glossary of the subject, and developed their own method of search engine optimization.

In 2002 the company held its first conference on site promotion, knowledge that the search optimization market was simply waiting for. Since 2002 the company began hosting conferences and seminars. The 2002 conference “Search engine optimization and site promotion” was enormously successful and has been held annually ever since. 

2003 – the company created an e-newsletter on the topic of site promotion and pay per click advertising. A subject-specific newsletter was opened on the server, titled “Site promotion: Professional advice from the experts,” which has over 86,000 subscribers today and is the most popular publication in the sector.

2004 – the company launched the Semantic Mirror technology for automatic recognition of the subject area of webpages, which was utilized by the Begun company for its project “Autocontext” for distributing advertising in partner sites. Currently “Autocontext” is used in tens of thousands of sites and provides several million displays of pay per click sensitive advertising a day.

2004 – the company launched the Geotargeting technology, which is used by the companies Begun, Mamba, AdFox, and others.

2005 – the company held the first conference on internet marketing. The annual conference “Managing audience and advertising on the Web” is held conjointly by the companies “Ashmanov and Partners” and “Begun” in March. Parallel to the conference, an exhibition is held by the main players in the industry.

2011 – the company “Ashmanov and Partners” opened an office in St. Petersburg and started holding regular seminars on internet advertising in St. Petersburg.

Affiliate Companies

2004 – the company “Search technologies” was created. Since 2002 “Ashmanov and Partners” has worked on developing search technologies, clustering methods, and automatic recognition of the subject area of webpages. In 2004 the company decided to allocate this direction to a separate company, “Search technologies,” which “Ashmanov and Partners” created conjointly with the investment holding “FINAM”.

  • In 2005 the company “Search technologies” developed a new search engine, Novoteka which collects news from several hundred news outlets on the Web and consolidates them by stories. Today Novoteka has grown into an intelligent news aggregator, becoming the news media of the new generation.
  • In 2007 “Search technologies” launched the Novoteka news exchange network, enabling news outlets on the Web to exchange their news traffic. In the beginning of 2008 the exchange network had over 100 million displays a day.
  • In 2007 the social search project was launched: the Flexum service for creating personal search engines. In 2007 several thousand search engines were created in Flexum.

2005 – The company “Nanosemantics” is launched. Since 2001 the company “Ashmanov and Partners” had run a research project on developing a system of communication with a computer in a natural language (of virtual conversation partners). In 2005 the company decided to allocate this area of artificial intelligence to a separate company, “Nanosemantics,” which focuses on the development of speaking intelligent agents (inf’s) and expert systems for selecting products and services. In 2009 Nanosemantics released inf’s for popular use, creating the site where anyone can create a virtual conversation partner, an intelligent assistant and consultant.

2007 – the company was created.Together with the company IMHO VI the company “Ashmanov and Partners” created the company for developing a management system for pay per click and banner advertising, which cardinally simplifies advertising on the Web for the private and corporate user. In 2010 the company “Ashmanov and Partners” pulled out of the project.

2010 –the company “Ashmanov and Partners Ukraine” was created, conjointly with the investment group “Internet Invest,” based in Kiev.

Internet Marketing

2005 – the company created an agency on pay per click advertising. The company “Ashmanov and Partners” began providing services on running pay per click advertising campaigns for clients, and the advertising agency’s business started growing by several times a year.

2005 – the company released the free program Site-Auditor for analyzing information about a site’s search parameters and for selecting search keywords. Today the program is used by about 3-4 thousand people a day and the program is compatible with the operational systems Windows, MacOS X and Linux. It is constantly undergoing further development.

2006 – the company released the free service SeoRate, which measures sites’ visibility in search engines and provides a comparison with competitors.

2007 – the company released a commercial version of SeoRate, with over 5000 users by the beginning of 2008.

2007 – in the summer the company launched search quality analyzers, which are currently the only independent search quality check in Runet. Since then the number of analyzers has increased and currently there are eleven analyzers working on the site

Social and educational activity

2006 – the book “Site promotion in search engines” was published, edited by Igor Ashmanov and Andrey Ivanov and published by the “Dialectica Williams” in 3000 copies. This book was the first full-fledged Russian publication on all aspects of website search optimization. In 2007 the “Piter” publishing house published the second edition of the book under the name, “Optimization and website promotion in search engines” in 8000 copies.

Summer of 2007 – the company launched an independent search engine test: the AnalyzeThis service, which daily tests the quality of Runet’s popular search engines.

Summer of 2007 – the company “Ashmanov and Partners” became the initiator of the first meeting of the business club “SEO and SEM in Runet,” whose objective is the civilizational development of the site search engine promotion industry in Russia. The Club’s membership includes 30 of the largest players of the search engine optimization and search engine marketing industries.

Fall of 2007 – the optimizers Club released and distributed the first issue of its magazine, titled “The practice of internet marketing.”

Spring of 2008 – the second issue of the magazine “The practice of internet marketing” was released. The issue is devoted to optimization and promotion in social media.

Fall of 2008 – the third issue of “The practice of internet marketing” is released, devoted to research of the internet marketing industry.

November 2008 – the company released its first analytic report, “Search and pay per click advertising in Runet,” which analyzes the search industry and pay per click advertising in Runet and shows the characteristics of search engines that can be used to compare the search quality.

Spring of 2009 – the fourth issue of “The practice of internet marketing” was released, devoted to the efficiency of online advertising. The magazine’s site was aired, and the magazine started to be available as a paid subscription.

June 2009 – “Ashmanov and Partners” was one of the organizers of the "Site 2009” conference. This was the first conference on creating, developing, and supporting internet projects for those who order the creation of sites and for web studios. Other organizers of the conference included "1С-Bitrix", "Masterhost", NetCat, ROCIT, and Yandex.

February 2010 – The first off-site seminar was held, titled “Search technologies 2010,” organized by the company “Ashmanov and Partners.” The seminar was devoted to issues of development of search projects and technologies. Presentations were given by specialists from the companies Rambler, Yandex, Nigma, Ashmanov and Partners,, Dictum, and others.

April 2011 – the second analytical report was published, titled "Search quality and search engines in Runet," reviewing the main events which influenced the operation of Runet’s search engines in 2010 and in the first quarter of 2011.

The fight against Spam

2001 – in response to a special request from “Kaspersky Laboratory” to fight e-mail spam, “Ashmanov and Partners” developed a spam-filtering technology.

2002 – the first version of the “Spamtest” filter was released for the operating systems FreeBSD and Linux.

2002 – the free public service was launched for filtering e-mail spam.

2003 – a conference on spam was held. The company “Ashmanov and Partners” organized the first conference, titled “The problem of spam and its solutions,” which has been held annually ever since.

In 2003 “Spamtest” was installed in the public mail service, where it protects tens of millions of users from spam. The clients of “Spamtest” include Beeline, MTC, MICEX, Masterhost, Peterlink, and other major companies.

2005 -  the project “Spamtest” was bought by “Kaspersky Laboratory.”