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Myths about Ashmanov and Partners

On this page we would like to dispel several myths that we sometimes hear from potential clients.

Myth #1. We charge exorbitant prices

False. While we are the most well-known company in the optimization industry, our prices are far from the highest. Since our prices don’t vary based on the client, our biggest and smallest customers receive the same level of service and value.

However, we do only work with clients with budgets above a certain range. This is because our relationships with our clients are built around achieving specific marketing objectives developed with the client: bring targeted traffic to the site, reducing the cost of advertising impressions, increasing the conversion rate of visitors to sales, and so on.

Many of these objectives can only be achieved with an investment above a certain level: for example, in order for the effect of pay-per-click advertising on a popular topic to justify the expense, it’s not enough to invest a thousand rubles into displays on a single keyword, since otherwise any change wouldn’t be noticeable. An effective marketing effort can only be achieved with an advertising budget of at least 50,000 rubles.

Additionally, our prices, far from exorbitant, are always reasonable and transparent. We do not make our price setting secret and always give the client an explanation of how their funds are being used.

Moreover, for those wishing to try out search engine optimization without committing a large budget, we have developed Maremoto, an automatated, promotional service for inexpensive search engine optimization of a site that is independently managed by the client. Maremoto receives payment only for results and helps you attain a noticeable effect while constrained by a lower budget.

Myth #2. Ashmanov and Partners are theorists, not practitioners. They talk, but don’t deliver.

while the low frequency requests amount to millions. – False. We are true professionals. We have been providing search engine optimization and advertising services since 2001. Since our company’s inception we have served thousands of clients, including small, medium, and large businesses. Currently we are monitoring the promotion of 400,000 high and average frequency search terms for our clients, along with millions of low frequency search terms.

Our practical experience informs our theoretical work, publishing books and holding educational seminars and conferences. We gladly teach our clients and professional colleagues as a supplement to the primary, practical focus of our work.

Of course, search engine optimization requires extensive knowledge and analytical work. Search engine promotion is an advanced field that is constantly changing. Some of our analysts’ work is published in articles, newsletters, books, and discussed in seminars.

Those who claim to be able to promote a site without serious analysis often offer clients risky promotion methods, while the client is not in a position to assess the risk factor. We regularly assist clients whose sites are banned by search engines as a consequence of the unscrupulous activities of so-called optimizers, and are able to restore the site’s search engine position only after extensive work.

Myth #3. Ashmanov and Partners only performs search engine optimization


First and foremost, we are a technology company. When the company was founed in 2001 we worked not only on search engine optimization, but also on the creation of new Internet technologies, including the spam filter “Spamtest” (now known as “Kaspersky Antispam”). In 2004 we began working on pay-per-click advertising. Our search engine is installed on the sites of large clients, and our system for analyzing the semantic content of webpages is used by advertising networks. Our system for identifying a user’s geographic location is licensed by major portals and advertising networks.

Second, we are a full-service Internet marketing agency. Besides developing technologies and services, we provide diverse services in the field of Internet marketing, from media advertising to the development of a positioning strategies on the Web.

We provide search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, reputation management, banner advertising, and promotion and PR in online media and social networks. We also conduct audits of websites’ usability, and develop and install technologies that help our clients manage advertising and promotion.

When carrying out large, complex projects which aim to develop and promote a business on the Web, we write technical specifications for clients, manage sub-contractors, and create sites, search engines, and partner networks. We carry out some of these tasks ourselves and outsource some of them to reliable providers. In other words, when carrying out large projects, we often serve as the web-integrator.

Myth #4. Ashmanov and Partners does not guarantee results in search engine optimization

In reality, no one can guarantee results, and anyone who promises them is misleading their clients.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to search engine optimization, there aren’t any guarantees. Those who promise fast promotion to the top are lying or offering you a high-risk venture, without letting you judge the risks for yourself.

Optimizers don’t have direct control over search results because developers of search engines are constantly changing the search algorithms, while moderators of search engines aggressively monitor for unusual activity and drastic changes in search rankings. Meanwhile, your competitors are also aspiring to high search rankings for the same search terms, which is why it is impossible to guarantee a site’s permanent position in the top ten search results.

What guarantees can there be when the search results for the same keyword can be different on two computers located side-by-side? When an agreement “guarantees” a site’s ranking in the top 10, it is most often a scam, if not an outright lie. Often the optimizer guarantees a site’s ranking in the top ten on a specific percentage of all search terms, and then promotes the site on the most rare and useless words and phrases, which naturally are easiest to optimize for. Be sure to take a close look at offers that guarantee results, in order to understand what is really being promised.

By analogy, a refrigerator salesman cannot guarantee that a refrigerator will never malfunction. He can only guarantee free repair in case of a malfunction. Similarly, an optimizer cannot guarantee a result, but can only promise a refund or additional labor in case the desired result is not achieved.

Those who have tried to get their money refunded from optimizers after a promotion has failed usually end up with nothing but stories about lost trust in people and their agreements.

Therefore, the only guarantee Ashmanov and Partners gives is our reputation: we promise to make every possible effort to provide the client’s site with the best possible search engine rankings and with targeted traffic on the most effective sales keywords. We are oriented towards achieving the marketing objectives facing our clients.

Our clients value our reputation, professionalism, and results. Most of our contracts over a year in length, and the work we carry out is constantly expanding. Meanwhile, we also have a solution for clients who only want to pay for results, in the form of search engine rankings: the automated Maremoto service was created by us specifically for clients with smaller budgets. This billing system has proved attractive for smaller companies that manage their own promotional process and pay close attention to the correlation between costs and results.

Myth #5. Ashmanov and Partners only works on large projects

False. We work on projects of every size, including small stores, internet start-ups, national brands, and international projects.

In each case, we design a budget and set of tools that will allow us to achieve the specific objective of the business’s development with a profit for the client..

While we do have a minimum monthly budget for search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, this is because of the inherent costs associated with our work on expensive search terms, minimum volumes for external venders, and similar reasons.

We are pleased to offer our biggest clients high level services that are not necessary for smaller businesses: creation of a business’s strategy of Internet presence and development, аutomated management of pay per click advertising, audience research, promotion of hundreds or thousands of search keywords; and more.