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Moscow: +7 (495) 269-06-30
St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 401-49-78

The Site conference


The “Site. Creation, development and support of Internet projects” conference was launched for those who need a new website, as well as for companies that develop websites.

Timing and venue

The conference is held annually in Moscow. The next conference will be held on September 15-16.


The aim of the Site conference is to create the largest venue for company representatives who work on creating sites to meet and socialize with customers who order sites.

At the conference you will find out:

  • What kind of website your business needs;
  • How to form a site strategy and plan a budget;
  • How to estimate the project’s value proposition;
  • How much attention to pay to usability;
  • How to choose the provider and platform for the site;
  • How to avoid mistakes while promoting the site;
  • How to make the site work for your business.

Special attention is devoted to the aspects that must be considered when organizing a web-studio’s business, how to develop a web-studio and search for clients, and which innovations in web-technologies are worth looking into.

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