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Conferences and seminars

At our events we gladly share knowledge, methods, and secrets of Internet marketing that can help both in independent work and in choosing an external provider. Successful promotion on the Web is a skill that can be learned.

Conference on search engine optimization

The conference on search engine optimization is the most important event of the year in the search engine promotion industry. The conference is not only a source of practical information for specialists, but also a lively venue for discussion. Find out more about the conference on search engine optimization.

The eTarget Conference: Managing audience and advertising on the Web

The eTarget Conference, held conjointly with the companies Begun,, Rambler, and Yandex, is intended for clients and experts in the Internet advertising industry. It is devoted to increasing the efficiency of the Internet as a channel of sales, and proper planning of marketing budgets. Find out more about the eTarget conference.

The Site conference

The Site conference is an important venue for web studios and their clients to meet and communicate. The conference is devoted to the management of projects, from developing a website to integrating it into the structure of your business. Find out more about the Site conference.

Seminars “Site promotion on the Web: Theory and practice”

The seminars “Site promotion on the Web: Theory and practice” are held bimonthly and provide practical advice on pay per click advertising and search engine optimization of sites. Find out more about the seminars.