The annual Optimization conference (Moscow, November 24-25)

Promotion of a site over an up to several thousands large list of keywords

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Ashmanov and Partners is a leader in the Russian internet marketing industry. The company was founded in 2001. We currently have over 150 employees. You can read more about the company’s development in our “History”.

Internet Marketing

We were one of the first firms to begin working on site promotion on Russian search engines. We hold three annual conferences, which are important events in the sector. They are: “Search engine optimization and sites promotion” held in November, “Managing audience and advertising on the Web” held in March, and “Creating, developing, and supporting internet projects” held in June. We also publish books on internet marketing.

Our newsletter “Site promotion: Professional advice from the experts” is the most popular in the internet marketing sector and is read by over 86,000 subscribers.

We offer our clients help in site promotion, management of pay-per-click advertising, and integrated projects developing an online business, including developing a strategy and promotional, advertising, and PR campaigns. We have extensive experience and our specialists are the best in the sector.

Today over 300 companies employ our services and proprietary technologies. They include leaders of the Russian banking sector, tourism, the real estate market, as well as major companies in the fields of information technology, electronics, home appliances, furniture, and trade. We successfully raised their sites’ traffic, visibility on the Web, and helped them gain more clients.

We are pleased to invite you to contact us, so we can revitalize your business together.


The second area of our work is the development of internet technologies in the fields of advertising, search, and artificial intelligence.

Since our founding in 2001, we have developed the following products and technologies:

  • Spamtest, a spam filter technology, used in the Kaspersky Anti-Spam program, the portal, and tens of millions of users;
  • Semantic Mirror, which determines the subject matter of text, and is used in our proprietary technologies including Novoteka, Maremoto, AnalyzeThis and others;
  • Geotargeting technology used by companies including Begun, Mamba, AdFox, and others;
  • Search engine technology used by companies including, Regnum IA, MICEX, AllExpo,, and many others;
  • The service, which assesses and monitors the results of search engine promotion;
  • The popular search engine, a tool for performing a search over a group of sites;
  • The Novoteka project, an intelligent news search engine;

and more!

To find out more about our internet marketing services, or the possibilities of licensing and integrating our technologies, call us at :+7 (495) 258-2810 Moscow, +7 (812) 441-2965 St. Petersburg.